For the company, the Jeasy app offers real added value:

  • Easier management of employee mobility

  • An online payment card with the mobility budget, cafeteria plan, flex plan and expense notes management

  • Control over the means of transport that the company wishes to offer to its employees

  • Possibility to rent e-scooters and foldable electric bikes

  • Detailed reporting thanks to tracking technologies (usage, km traveled, time saved and CO2 saved)

  • Monthly centralized invoicing and recoverery of VAT

Thanks to a unique algorithm and a brand-new application, Jeasy will allow users to:

  • Benefit from optimal route recommendations

  • Combining, if necessary, different vehicles

  • Including their own: car, foldable bike + tracking, STIB subscription, etc…

  • Have a payment card (to avoid pre-financing by the employee as well as the management of expense reports)

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