Jeasy has a powerful recommendation engine. It has been built using well known AI techniques that have been used over the board in the majority of the GPS applications. Jeasy's unique feature is its powerful algorithm that is able to deal with multiple layers of modalities. In other words, instead of looking at one modality (car, bike or public transport) at a time, Jeasy is able to smartly combine these layers, creating intermodal routes recommendations.

The challenge we face is the exponential growth of possible routes to reach one's destination. There are so many different possibilities to combine your car, your bike and public transport to reach your destination.

Add to the mix the shared free floating vehicules (like a kick scooter or an electric car) and your search becomes even more complex. Our engineers are working hard to extract relevant recommendations in a reasonable time frame. Jeasy is a routing planner engine that generates many combinations of transportation modes for each of your trips.

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